StepSetGo (SSG) Step, Earn & Redeem – Walk Daily and Get Free Products

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Earn Coins and Redeem Freebies

Step Set Go App – Just Walk and Earn Coins Daily – Convert Coins to Free Products and Many Offers

StepSetGo Referral Code, SSG App, Step and Earn, Free Products, StepSetGo App Refer and Earn – In our blog, we are trying to provide Coupons, Best Deals, and Offers with step-by-step details, so guys, be ready to loot it. We regularly update new Premium Udemy courses for Free with Coupons. You might have read how to Earn Free Paytm Cash. Here we are back with the best offer that rewards you with Free products just for walking to make you Fit and healthy


Step Set Go is an excellent app, you could think about what you can achieve just by walking, and you get many branded products, not on exchange with money but exchange with your sweat. You just need to connect the app with GPS and Walk normally. You’ll earn SSG Coins for every step it counts.

So that you can use these SSG Coins to redeem awesome rewards. Rewards can be exclusive discounts or amazing products that are completely FREE! Their aim is to make your fitness-ready and workouts fun again, even if you stay indoors.

1000 Indoor steps = 1.25 SSG Coin
1000 Outdoor steps = 1.00 SSG Coins

How to Earn Coins and Convert to Freebies by Walking Daily

1. First Install StepSetGo App in the Given Link Here

2. Once Installed the app, Open the App and Click on Create Account.

3. Signup with Email, Facebook, or Google and Allow Access to Google Fit and Location


4. On Next Page, Enter Your Email address and Mobile Number then Verify with OTP.

5. Once you are on the Home Page. Steps will update when you Walk and Coins will add to your Profile.


6. So Once You Earn as Many Coins Daily by Walking. You can Redeem Coins in Bazaar and Convert Coins into Freebies. Add the Address and They Deliver the Product for Free.

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Multiple Ways or Methods to Earn Coins

Method 1: Five Levels

1: There are Five(5) Levels in StepSetGo. By Walking More When you Reach the Daily Limit, You Move to Next Level. Level 5 is the final and you can Stay in Level 5 as long as you Can. You’ll Earn More SSG Coins in Level 5. 

2: Your SSG Level Determines how many coins you can earn a day. The Higher Your Level. The More You Earn

3: There is a safe point also in Every Level. If you fail to Reach Safe Point You get Downgraded To a Lower Level.

4: You could Earn More Than your Daily Limit Also by Watching Ads, you can Extend the Maximum by Three

Daily Limit and Safe Zone

Level 1 – Earn 02 Coins – 01 Safe Zone
Level 2 – Earn 05 Coins – 02 Safe Zone
Level 3 – Earn 10 Coins – 05 Safe Zone
Level 4 – Earn 15 Coins – 10 Safe Zone
Level 5 – Earn 20 Coins – 15 Safe Zone


Method 2: Watching an Ad

In the Bottom Navigation, Click on Bazaar Tab and Click the Top Right Button and now you could See Daily Rewards. Click on Get reward and Watch or View Ad. By Watching Ads you’ll get 1 Coin per Ad and You’ll Earn 5 Coins Per day as Daily Rewards. 


Method 3: Challenges and Games

Click on ARENA in the Bottom Navigation Panel and Accept Challenges with Your Friends Like Who Walks More Among Your Friends will Win SSG Coins. Play Games and Earn SSG Coins and Amazon Vouchers As Well. This is newly introduced and now there are very few Games available to play. So it gives you entertainment as well and also, Earn SSG Coins.


Method 4: Refer and Earn

Refer to Your Friends and Earn 20 SSG Coins per Successful Invite.

Go to the Friends Tab on Bottom Menu and Click on Invite Now to share your link with friends


How to Redeem Freebies in SSG

1: Once You Have Enough Coins in Your Account. You can Redeem freebies in Bazaar.

2: In the Bottom Navigation at the Center there is Bazaar Tab, open it

3: There are Plenty of Products, Free Subscriptions, Discount Vouchers, and Freebies.

4: Click on Any of the offer Banner you want to redeem & Click Details

5: Scroll down to the bottom and Accept the terms and conditions

6: Click on the Get Voucher or Discount Code Button

7: You’ll get the Coupon code, visit the offer page of that product given and Redeem.

Note – To check your available coins in your SSG app, visit the Profile page


8. There are plenty of new features like Spin & win, Lucky draw, & Jackpots added, You can open app and experience the new games and win amazing prizes

Proof – Redeemed Free Products from SSG


Need More Details? If you still have any doubts about this offer or need more information, Just comment below and we’ll surely help you.

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