Ludo Supreme Gold App – Play Easy Games and Earn Free Money in Bank

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Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code Offer

Earn Free Cash From Ludo Supreme Gold App Referral Code

Ludo Supreme Gold Apk, Ludo Supreme Apk, Ludo Supreme Referral Code, Ludo Supreme Gold Login – Hello Friends, We already published Ludo Ninja Win Free Money in Bank Offer and hope you guys are looting from it. Here we are back with another Ludo Online Gaming App Called Ludo Supreme App where you can earn Free Cash by Playing Ludo games. You can also check out our Free Paytm Cash Tricks


We all know that working from Home become so popular and many people started playing Ludo games Online with Family and Friends. But it won’t give you any earnings for playing the Game. Here you can play Ludo on Ludo Supreme App and Earn free cash for your Winnings.

Ludo Supreme is the Best Online Ludo Game To Win Real Money Quickly. You can Play With Verified Players From All Over India or with your Friends. You can earn your pocket money by playing Ludo on Ludo Supreme App. So don’t waste your time, Signup and Start playing to Earn Free Cash in your Bank

How to Earn Free Money in Bank From Ludo Supreme Gold App

1. First of All, Download the Ludo Supreme App Apk From The Below Link


2. Install and Open App & Enter your Mobile Number & Verify with OTP


3. Enter your Profile Name & Select language and Continue


4. Must Enter the Given Ludo Supreme Gold App Referral Code If Not Applied to Get a ₹15 Sign Up Bonus

Ludo Supreme App Referral Code – 88XXX3IBMB


5. So you will get a ₹5 Sign Up Bonus + ₹10 Referral Code Bonus Which is 100% Usable on Any Game


6. On the app homepage, click on the Claim button to get cashback on the first deposit


7. Now Enter ₹5 & Apply the Below Coupon if not applied automatically & complete the Payment

Coupon Code – 88XXX3IBMB


8. Now Move to the App Homepage and Play Ludo Game Online. You Can Play ₹5 Games Where 3 out of 4 Players will win

9. Easily you can win ₹5 or more on ₹5 Game by winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the game


10. Once you have enough winning balance. Withdraw it to bank or UPI

Note: Don’t Play Games Above ₹10 as Chances of Loosing Game Increases

11. You can Also Refer your Friends and Get Up to ₹100 Wallet Cash Per Refer When Your Friend Apply Coupon as your Referral Code on First Deposit


Ludo Supreme Gold App – How to Play With Points System

  1. Each Player has given 4 Tokens
  2. All the tokens are Initially in the Start Position. A user can Roll the dice and Start moving the Tokens
  3. The first player to register for the game will be given the first chance to roll the dice
  4. The player with the maximum score is the Winner at the end of the game

How Scores are Calculated?

  1. Each movement of the token per box from the starting point will be calculated as one point.
  2. Players score is calculated by adding the points of all the tokens of the Player.
  3. When a token reaches home, its score will be doubled.
  4. Each Player will have 15 seconds for his turn. If the Player doesn’t move in this window, his turn will be skipped. If a Player skips his turn for 3 times, he will lose the Game and will be removed.
  5. All Players will get an equal number of turns to roll the dice, even if a Player wins the first rank (thus ending the game) or if the stipulated time for a game ends, by extending the game appropriately. In such case, each Player who receives a turn on account of such extension must play within 15 seconds of the start of his turn, failing which, such player will skip his turn.
  6. A Players token can be ousted from the game and sent back to the point, if another Players token moves to the same box where the former Players token is placed.
  7. There are 8 safe boxes in the game where a token cannot be ousted. These cells are marked with a star.

When you will Get an Extra chance?

  1. When a player rolls a six on the dice.
  2. When a player ousts another Players token.
  3. When a players token reaches home.
  4. If a player rolls a six on the dice three times in a row, the extra chance will not be given after the third roll.

Different tournament formats on Ludo Supreme

  1. In 1vs1, you play against a single user and there is only one winner.
  2. In 1 Winner, 2 Winner and 3 Winner formats, there are 4 players but the prize is split between 1, 2 and 3 players respectively.

Ludo Supreme Gold App – Contact Support

In case Of Any Queries, You Can Contact Support Directly @ [email protected]

Need More Details? If you still have any doubts about this offer or need more information, Just comment below and we’ll surely help you.

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