Park+ Quiz Answers: Play Today and Get Free Petrol

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Park+ Quiz Answers Today

Get 5 Ltr of Free Petrol from Park Plus Quiz Answers

Park+ Free Petrol, Park Plus Free Petrol – Hello Friends, We already published Park+ Premier League IPL Offer to Get Free Fuel and regularly Post Travel Offers. Here we are going to provide you Park Plus Daily Quiz answers to claim Free Petrol from Indian Oil Fuel Stations using Park+ App Voucher Code.

Park Plus Free Petrol

Park+ helps to connect commuters to safe, secure and digitized parking spaces all across the country has now expanded to become a safe space to cater to people’s car needs. They wanted to make it easier for travelers to save time when searching for parking spaces at different spots in the country.

How to Play Quiz and Get Free Petrol from Park+ App

1 . As a first step, Download the Park+ App from the below button

2. Signup using your mobile number and verify it with OTP

3. Fill in all the details asked and enter your Vehicle details if asked on any step

4. Enter the Park+ App Referral Code if asked in any of the steps

Park+ Referral Code – PRK792192

5. Go to the Petrol Section from the bottom menu of the homepage

Park Plus Free Petrol

6. Just collect 100 ml of Petrol and Go to the Park+ Petrol

Park Plus Free Petrol

7. Scroll Down to Play Quiz and Earn Up to 1 Ltr Petrol. Click on Collect 5Ltr Park+ Petrol

Park Plus Free Petrol

8. Quiz will start, check Answers from Next section

Park Plus Free Petrol

9. Submit Answers and Collect Free Petrol in ml

Park Plus Free Petrol

10. Bookmark and check this space daily for answers and Collect Petrol daily to win Free 5Ltr Petrol

Park Plus Free Petrol

11. There are many other tasks as well on the same screen, complete and collect Fuel

Park Plus Free Petrol

12. Done !! Enjoy…

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 22th September 2023

Q1. Guess the movie name
Ans1. Khiladi 786

Q2. India’s largest car maker by market cap is
Ans2. Maruti Suzuki

Q3. Which is the largest electric car maker in India
Ans3. Tata Motors

Q4. Which is the largest two wheeler maker in India
Ans4. Hero Motocorp

Q5. Which is the largest three wheeler maker in India
Ans5. Bajaj Auto

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 19th September 2023

Q1. Which is India’s first 8 lane elevated expressway
Ans – Dwarka Expressway
Q2. Who made the first Highway of India
Ans – Sher Shah Suri
Q3. Which is the longest highway in India
Ans – NH44
Q4. Which is the busiest highway in India
Ans – NH48
Q5…..has the world’s longest tunnel above 3000m
Ans – India

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 16th September 2023

Q1. Gauss the Car from the image?
Ans- Maruti Jimmy

Q2. What was the first sports car manufactured in India?
Ans- DC Avanti

Q3. First manufacture to install DRL in their car?
Ans- Volvo

Q4. Guess the car from the image?
Ans- Kia Seltos

Q5. Who offers the Kaziranga Edition lineup for their SUVs?
Ans- Tata Motors

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 15th September 2023

Q. What is the function of fuel pump in a car
Ans. To supply fuel to the engine

Q. In car insurance what does IDV means
Ans. Insured declared value

Q. Guess the car from the image
Ans. G Wagon

Q. in Iron Man 2, tony stark drives which car
Ans. Audi R8

Q. Which part of the car’s engine moves within the cylinder
Ans. Piston

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 14th September 2023

Q1. What does initials DB (eg DB11) stand for
A1. David Brown

Q2. The BMW logo uses Colours from which country flag
A2. Germany

Q3. Guess the car in this image
A3. Maruti Invicto

Q4. What car was seen the on movie “Haathi Mere Saathi”
A4. Chevrolet Impala

Q5. What car was featured in movie “Taarzan-The Wonder Car
A5. Toyota MR2

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 13th September 2023

Q1 Which automaker’s emblem is shaped like a diamond?
Ans: B Renault
Q2 Where’s the most expensive l number plate ever sold?
Ans: C Dubai
Q3 What was the first car to break the sound barrier?
Ans: A Thrust SSC
Q4 ____is the private racetrack owned by Ferrari?
Ans: B Fiorano Circuit
Q5 Which iconic car has appeared in seven Bond films?
Ans: B Aston Martin DB5

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 12th September 2023

Q1. Where is the headquarters of Ferrari located?
Ans – Maranello, Italy (D)
Q2. What shape is the Ferrari logo?
Ans – Shield (D)
Q3. Which of these is the oldest active F1 team?
Ans – Ferrari (A)
Q4. In which country was the Tesla Model S first produced?
Ans – United States (A)
Q5. ____ company first produced 10 million units in a year
Ans – Toyota (C)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 11th September 2023

Q1. The Toyota land cruiser is well known for its
Ans 1. Off-Road Capabilities
Q2. Which car manufacturer uses the slogan simply clever
Ans 2. Skoda
Q3. What does Atv stands for
Ans 3. All-Terrain Vehicle
Q4. In which city headquarters of kia located
Ans 4. Seoul
Q5. What was one of mr beans favourite car colors
Ans 5. Yellow

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 10th September 2023

Q1. What is a pony car in the car world?
Ans.  Compact, sporty, compact cars
Q2. What does the term horsepower refer to in cars?
Ans. The engine’s power output
Q3. What is the first colour of every Ferrari model
Ans. Red
Q4. Go further is the slogan of which car company
Ans. Ford
Q5. Which is the world’s oldest car manufacturer company
Ans. Peugeot

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 9th September 2023

  1. Which company introduced 3-point seat belts?
    Answer: Volvo (D)
  2. Skoda is a car brand from which country?
    Answer: Czech Republic (A)
  3. Which a NOT a brand within the General Motors company?
    Answer: Ford (C)
  4. Double wishbone is a type of _
    Answer: Suspension (C)
  5. __ is the main character in Disney cartoon “Cars”?
    Answer: Lightning McQueen (B)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 8th September 2023

  1. Who was Lord Krishna’s childhood friend and companion?
    Answer: Sudama (A)
  2. Where did Lord Krishna serve as Arjuna’s Charioteer?
    Answer: Battle of Kurukshetra (B)
  3. Krishna is considered to be ___th Avatar of Lord Vishnu.
    Answer: 8th (D)
  4. What musical instrument is linked to Lord Krishna?
    Answer: Flute (A)
  5. What festival marks Krishna lifting Govardhan Hill?
    Answer: Govardhan Pooja (C)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 7th September 2023

1. What is Lord Krishna’s childhood name?
Answer: Gopal (B)
2. Who was Lord Krishna’s foster mother?
Answer: Yashoda (C)
3. What is the divine weapon of Lord Krishna?
Answer: Sudarshana Chakra (A)
4. In which city was Lord Krishna born?
Answer: Mathura (B)
5. Lord Krishna was Avatar of which god?
Answer: Vishnu (C)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 6th September 2023

  1. How did the Lamborghini Aventador get its name?
    Answer: Fighting Bull Name (D)
  2. “Check Engine” light on a dashboard is also known as:
    Answer: Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) (C)
  3. Which one of these car brands isn’t from South Korea?
    Answer: Fiat (C)
  4. Which brand is known for “X” and “3 series” models?
    Answer: BMW (C)
  5. The “PHEV” acronym in automotive terms stands for:
    Answer: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (C)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 5th September 2023

  1. The “D” in “DCT” transmission stands for
    Answer: Dual (B)
  2. Which car company has won the most F1 championships?
    Answer: Ferrari (A)
  3. Guess the car name from the image?
    Answer: Tata Nexon (C)
  4. Which car is the most expensive car to insure?
    Answer: Maserati Quattroporte (A)
  5. Which company is known for “M series” performance cars?
    Answer: BMW (C)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 4th September 2023

  1. The Toyota Prius is a _ car:
    Answer: Hybrid car (B)
  2. The backbone of the internal combustion engine is
    Answer: Crankshaft (D)
  3. The Nurburgring is a racetrack located in
    Answer: Germany (C)
  4. Which car part stores energy and helps start engine?
    Answer: Battery (B)
  5. McLaren F1 supercar has a __ seat layout:
    Answer: Three (C)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 2nd September 2023

Q1. Which company produces the rally car sport Quattro S1
Ans. Audi

Q2. In formula 1 racing what does Pit Stop refers to
Ans. A stop for tire change, fuel and adjustment during the race

Q3. What part can cause alignment problems
Ans. Worn Wheel Bearings

Q4. Guess the car name from the image
Ans. Force Gurkha

Q5. Which car manufacturer introduces the SUV brezza
Ans. Maruti Suzuki

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 1st September 2023

Q1. What does the odometer measures
Ans. Distance Travelled

Q2. What color are brake lights
Ans. Red

Q3. Which country produces the car brand Toyota
Ans. Japan

Q4. Which company refers to 3 diamond emblem
Ans. Mitsubishi

Q5. Which brand is known as Spirit of ecstasy ornament
Ans. Rolls-Royce

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 31st August 2023

Q1. Maximum number of poll options allowed in community
Ans. 4

Q2. You can’t save a community post
Ans. False

Q3. What’s the 2nd tab in the community, after “For You”
Ans. Explore

Q4. Which theme doesn’t exist in the community
Ans. Car garage

Q5. You can follow the community themes and members
Ans. True

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 30th August 2023

Q1. What is the daily challenge posted
Ans. Car Photography Challenge

Q2. What is the name of park + principal correspondent
Ans. Shubham Parashar

Q3. Newest car review in latest/car review
Ans. Mahindra XUV 700

Q4. Where to attach image in community’s create post
Ans. Bottom Left

Q5. Community posts are moderated post publishing
Ans. True

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 29th August 2023

  1. “Chevrolet” is a division of which company?
    Answer: General Motors (GM) (A)
  2. Which car manufacturer has an iconic trident logo?
    Answer: Maserati (C)
  3. Which country had the first car?
    Answer: Germany (B)
  4. A convertible car with retractable hardtop is called?
    Answer: Coupe Cabriolet (B)
  5. What part of the car is also called Trunk?
    Answer: Boot (B)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 28th August 2023

  1. Which car brand has a plus sign in its logo?
    Answer: Chevrolet (B)
  2. What is the name of the car in the image?
    Answer: Santro (D)
  3. What unit measures the power of an engine?
    Answer: Horsepower (hp) (C)
  4. The top speed of Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is ?
    Answer: 489 km/h (C)
  5. Which car part is known as the Brian of vehicle?
    Answer: ECU (Engine Control Unit) (D)

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 27th August 2023

1. Which was the first car launched by Hyundai in India
Answer – Santro

2. Which car is shown in the Image
Answer – MG Astor

3. Who owns jaguar land rover
Answer – Tata motors

4. What does sub 4 meter refers to in cars
Answer – Cars under 4m in length

5. What is the primary purpose of bumpers in cars
Answer – Protecting the vehicle and it’s occupants during low speed collisions

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 26th August 2023

  1. Which car concept does this image depict?
    Answer – Kiger
  2. All Tesla cars run on which type of fuel?
    Answer – Electricity
  3. When was the first Auto Expo in India?
    Answer – 1986
  4. Which Indian City is known as “Motor City of India”?
    Answer – Chennai
  5. What fuel type is used by majority of cars in India?
    Answer – Petrol

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 25th August 2023

  1. The “Creta” is a popular SUV produced by?
    Answer – Hyundai
  2. What is the full form of “XUV”?
    Answer – Crossover Utility Vehicle
  3. Taarzan – The wonder ________
    Answer – Car
  4. Which car is featured in the song “Mere Sapno ki Rani”?
    Answer – 1964 Willys Jeep CJ3B
  5. Part that stops vehicle by applying friction to wheels
    Answer – Brake Pad

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 24th August 2023

  1. what do the letters mg stand for on cars?
    Answer – Morris Garages
  2. Guess the car in this image
    Answer – Hyundai i20
  3. The famous sports car “Nissan GT-R” is nicknamed:
    Answer – Godzilla
  4. Which Car brand logo has blue and white stylized “T”?
    Answer – Tata Motors
  5. Who launched the first electric car “e2o” in India?
    Answer – Mahindra & Mahindra

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 23rd August 2023

  1. What was the first Hybrid car in India
    Answer – Honda Civic Hybrid
  2. What was the first car to be equipped with airbags?
    Answer – 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado
  3. Where was FIAT founded?
    Answer – Italy
  4. What is the fastest electric car?
    Answer – Rimac Nevera
  5. Which brand name derives from the Latin word ‘listen’?
    Answer – Audi

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 22nd August 2023

1. Which car model is driven by famous agent James Bond?

Answer – Aston Martin DB5

2. The first official motor race was held in which year?

Answer – 1894

3. What was the former name of the car manufacturer Audi?

Answer – Auto Union

4. What is the name of the luxury division of Toyota?

Answer – Lexus

5. Sports cars are typically designed with how many seats?

Answer – 2 seats

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 21st August 2023

  1. MG
  2. Taurus
  3. Hindustan Motors
  4. Toyota
  5. BMW

How to Redeem Park+ Petrol?

Park Plus Free Petrol
  • Fill up the Park+ Petrol Tank of 5 Ltr
  • Buy an Indian Oil Voucher worth ₹2,000
  • You will get 5 Ltr Free with Indian Oil Voucher
  • Redeem at nearest Indian Oil Fuel Station

Need More Details? If you still have any doubts about this offer or need more information, Just comment below and we’ll surely help you.

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